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If the sound system is amazing, realize that you’ll likely be able to tell the difference between a wav or aif file, & an mp3. A mix will always sound better when you are familiar with the songs you are playing. Depending on the style of music you are playing, people may want to hear something familiar, but also be shown what is new. Don’t tweet about how shitty the DJ before or after you is. Even if he DOES suck, show some class.

I like the idea of teaching people new techniques in mixing but people be aware the Slam” techniques will get you labeled as a certain type of DJ if you use the constantly. Once you have learned how to manipulate vinyl and get the hang of mixing, you have to take the matter into your own hands and develop your own style, regarding both choice of records and style of mixing. Mixing with other styles of music, Drum ‘n’ Bass, hip hop or others, might have some general things in common but may require a different approach.

Other than this, I wouldn’t advise you to apply any special effects, enhancers or anything else that might overly color your sound. AskAudio Magazine is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers. Our primary objective of having this site to educate the party-goers to know more about electronic music & clubbing scenes, new opening night clubs in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand & as well as electronic music and dj news happening across the globe.

Ok its good for beginners to see this stuff and try a few out, but (depending on music style of course) I’d prefer to see 5 different variations on more blend type mixes. With most house and techno, advanced mixing means blending the two tracks together over a period of time to make one track naturally progress between each other while sounding good.