Useful Tips On How To Find The Best DJ For A Party

Hiring a DJ for a party might not be easy if you want to find the best. Most people only hire the first DJ they are referred to and the first question they ask, is how much do you charge? When that is settled after negotiations, the DJ is hired. Many party hosts have become disappointed after having taken hiring a DJ as a casual thing. The result many times has been a show of unprofessionalism from the DJ and when it is clear that he isn’t moving the crowd as he should be, it finally dawns on the party host that they should have been more vigilant during the DJ hiring process.

To avoid such scenarios, further outlined below are useful tips on how to find the best DJ for a party.

  1. Make A List Of Potential DJs

You can only come up with this list after conducting some intensive research. Ask around from friends and family members to recommend a DJ that they feel could do the job. Do some online research on some good DJs in your area and read their reviews. You can then shortlist the candidates that you think will be suitable and arrange for a meeting with them.

  1. Meet With The Potential DJs

After short listing your candidates, arrange meetings with them at different times and from those meetings you will get your DJ for the party. Ask all the relevant questions such as their experience, what they have in mind for your party, the kind of music they play, the last time they played and so on From the replies they give, you should be able to make an informed decision.

  1. Make Sure The DJ Has An Online Presence

Every DJ who claims to be a real professional should have a website. Vital information about them should be available on the website. The explanations referring to the DJ’s style along with audios of his mixes and the pricing should be clear. Note that DJs that don’t post their fee on the their website are highly likely to charge a higher fee. So as much as you might be impressed with their experience and their style, avoid them if your budget is low but if you can afford them why not hire them? just be ready for the high price range that is sure to come.

  1. Avoid Djs Who Don’t Respond To Your Queries In Time

Now if you contact a DJ through their website and they take too long answering you, simply scrap them off your short list. That right there is a sign of unprofessionalism and unreliability and you will be better off not working with them.

  1. Listen To The DJ play

Before your party, it is important to attend the DJs gig. Attend a function where that DJ is performing and watch them in action. Gauge the crowd, does he have it in control? From the DJ’s performance you will make your mind whether to hire or not

With the above tips, you should hire the best DJ for your party and get your money’s worth.

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Qualities of Best DJ for Party

In any party planning, one of the most challenging duties is how to find best DJ for party. A great party must have the best DJ who will keep the audience entertained at all times irregardless of the theme, venue, time or audience itself.

Now, if you are a planning a party and are seeking on how to find best DJ for party here are several tips. These are just a few pointers that you will need in how to find best DJ for party.

  1. Broad Musical Knowledge

As a host, you one understands that unless the event has a specific music theme, the audience will be composed of a mix of people with a varied taste in music and this adds to the headache of how to find best DJ for party. This therefore demands that as you evaluate your DJ, the best DJ for party will be the one with the broadest musical knowledge so that they will be able to cater for everyone in attendance. It would be very unfortunate if you find a DJ whose knowledge of music is limited to a specific genre as he/she would only keep the specific part of the audience interested in that kind of music entertained while the rest suffer from boredom. It is therefore imperative that in how find best DJ for party we find the DJ with the broadest music knowledge.

  1. Quality Equipment with a Backup Plan

Moving on in how to find best DJ for party, the next point is to find someone with good, professional gear and further has a backup plan. A deejay with malfunctioning equipment can be disastrous and may lead to a boring party. You therefore need to ensure that the deejay has good working equipment as well as a backup plan in case these fail.

  1. Personality

As we further move in how to find best DJ for party, another crucial aspect comes up. The personality of the DJ. Urban DJ’s are required to have a charming personality that will resonate with their audience. A crap deejay with a happy charming personality will easily transmit the same to the audience thereby keeping the audience excited and happy all through as opposed to a skilled DJ but with a foul melancholic character. Therefore, as one of the ways of how to find best DJ for party, your deejay should have a vibrant personality as this transmits to the music he plays.

  1. Skills

Finally, a deejay without skills is just another guy playing music. Can you imagine a nice party with great P.A system, good food, beautiful people, great environment and ambiance but a whack unskilled DJ who cannot even mix two songs fluently without the tracks sounding horrible? Unbearable! Therefore, as the last important factor in how to find best DJ for party, we must pick a DJ with tested, proven skills. If possible you can either let them send you a mix-tape or even do a live mix with you on site so you are sure.

And that is how to find best DJ for party.

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