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For the next-generation DJ solution for Mac , iPad , iPhone , and Android Instantly access over 20 million tracks. Regardless, once you pick your music source, the app will give you a list of playlists and collections, and then you can choose songs that you want to include in the mix from there. There will be songs which you like, which nobody else will ever like, try to detect these and cut the crap, how painfully it might be to play a night without your favorite songs.

Bonobo’s Boiler Room set from last year is a great example of a DJ being patient and setting the pace for the night. I created this guide for you all to further understand the art of a narrative DJ set (because it truly is an art). This mix which is a blend of deep future and tropical house was one I recorded after getting dumped a few hours before I was supposed to take my then girlfriend to see Above & Beyond for her first big dance music show. I overcame a serious opiate addiction with the help of dance music and dance culture I wanted to share this experience and this world with her and after what happened I was devastated. I know it’s a bit older but if someone is interested in another little Dj story… Here are my two cents.

That´s one of the mysterious beauties of music and DJing to me, something that goes way beyond math, science and algorythms. Today I´m back to my old music selecting” mode, whichever that is or was (I´m not sure how to describe it, like most of you I just do it…). But the fact is, I´m taking key less and less into account, certainly A LOT less than I did 2 or 3 yrs ago. Either an entire album, or one long track which contains multiple songs played one after the other.

Numark’s Crate system is an electronic approach to managing setlists and the music library designed around the way you work with your vinyl or CDs. You can perform with digital music files stored on iPods, USB hard drives and thumb drives thanks to iDJ2’s dock and two USB inputs. You can mix in AAC podcasts and even connect and play from discs in external USB CD and DVD drives. Highlight the file you wish to send to the playlist and press the soft key with the arrow, located below the display.

Navigate to the configure button by tapping the wrench button between the two decks in the mix view. Pacemaker was introduced as the world’s first portable DJ system at the 2007 Sónar music festival in Barcelona. A bright future was awaiting, but in events following the expansion in 2008, the founder handed over to a new CEO who was immediately faced with a great challenge because music consumption changed, incredibly fast. We the original inventors of Pacemaker, Jonas Norberg and Daniel Wallner, plus our new recruit, Olof Berglöf, bought the IP back and we are now steering Pacemaker in parallel with an exciting music and technology landscape.

This way, it can be easier to mix (certainly if you know the genre well) and public starts to get interested in you as a DJ and the musical stuff you play. Over all, DJ Mixer Pro is a perfectly workable DJ mixing application that fails simply by not being up to the standards of either the free or paid competing software. DJ Mixer 3 Professional is the ultimate audio and video mixing software for live DJ performances. Easy to stream, mix and match, comes with a-lot of cool effects with some awesome skins.


Useful Tips On How To Find The Best DJ For A Party

Hiring a DJ for a party might not be easy if you want to find the best. Most people only hire the first DJ they are referred to and the first question they ask, is how much do you charge? When that is settled after negotiations, the DJ is hired. Many party hosts have become disappointed after having taken hiring a DJ as a casual thing. The result many times has been a show of unprofessionalism from the DJ and when it is clear that he isn’t moving the crowd as he should be, it finally dawns on the party host that they should have been more vigilant during the DJ hiring process.

To avoid such scenarios, further outlined below are useful tips on how to find the best DJ for a party.

  1. Make A List Of Potential DJs

You can only come up with this list after conducting some intensive research. Ask around from friends and family members to recommend a DJ that they feel could do the job. Do some online research on some good DJs in your area and read their reviews. You can then shortlist the candidates that you think will be suitable and arrange for a meeting with them.

  1. Meet With The Potential DJs

After short listing your candidates, arrange meetings with them at different times and from those meetings you will get your DJ for the party. Ask all the relevant questions such as their experience, what they have in mind for your party, the kind of music they play, the last time they played and so on From the replies they give, you should be able to make an informed decision.

  1. Make Sure The DJ Has An Online Presence

Every DJ who claims to be a real professional should have a website. Vital information about them should be available on the website. The explanations referring to the DJ’s style along with audios of his mixes and the pricing should be clear. Note that DJs that don’t post their fee on the their website are highly likely to charge a higher fee. So as much as you might be impressed with their experience and their style, avoid them if your budget is low but if you can afford them why not hire them? just be ready for the high price range that is sure to come.

  1. Avoid Djs Who Don’t Respond To Your Queries In Time

Now if you contact a DJ through their website and they take too long answering you, simply scrap them off your short list. That right there is a sign of unprofessionalism and unreliability and you will be better off not working with them.

  1. Listen To The DJ play

Before your party, it is important to attend the DJs gig. Attend a function where that DJ is performing and watch them in action. Gauge the crowd, does he have it in control? From the DJ’s performance you will make your mind whether to hire or not

With the above tips, you should hire the best DJ for your party and get your money’s worth.

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Record And Save Sound Mixing In Virtual DJ

I know as much about DJaying as I do about astrophysics, but stumbling upon Atomix Productions’ VirtualDJ Home , gave me hope that I could fake it in no time. They don’t make use of the many other features that can enhance one’s DJ performance beyond the standard segueing of two tracks seamlessly in a mix. If you are using a DJ controller you’d simply use the rotary on your device and if you watch your screen you will see the corresponding software dial turn. For many of the above steps, you will be able to use your Serato DJ controller, rather than using your mouse. Anyone who comes by will have the opportunity to ask our instructors in-depth questions about our programs, curriculum and philosophy, and watch live music production and DJ demos.

In dance music especially, these are two primary rhythmic elements you can’t do without. Plug in your iPod to your speakers, and it sends the music through to the speakers, which then reproduce it out as audible sound. By inserting your CD or 12” and pressing play, the device will send a sound signal through the phono cables and into the speaker. Think of the laptop as another MP3 player – another input feeding into the mixer. The mixer consolidates all the inputs, and controls the volume and frequency levels of each input – it’s where all the equalising takes place.

Strictly speaking (and in modern context), a DJ is anyone who plays pre-recorded music for an audience. These are not hard and fast definitions, because many people (such as myself) often end up swapping different DJ hats. Ideally, this DJ knows how to ramp the energy up and down to balance between an active floor and a busy bar. Many people want to DJ because they love music and the idea of sharing it with a receptive audience.

Let it play out, or mix into it. The DJ before you played this track to be heard, Not for you to ruin. This is just not cool & people are going to know that the next DJ sounds like crap because you screwed him over. For the love of God, return all mixer and equipment settings to positions that make it easy for the next DJ to sound good without much trouble. It’s better to start off a bit warm and slowly get brighter than to start off assaulting ears from the get go. If you are behind the speaker in the DJ booth and everything sounds clear to you, there is a good chance things are too bright. You’ll just sound like crap in comparison to the DJ’s who have high quality files.

Right now you have in your collection a handful of tracks that you know will be the highlight of the night and make you a DJ legend when you play them. Part 3 of the tutorial covers all you need to know about mixing in key plus you get a custom mapping which will enable you to increase the amount of suitable tracks by 200 %! Find out why Serato DJ is such a household name for DJs and how to command the software in your own performances! This course builds upon the DJ basics course, but focuses on using Serato DJ specifically.

Tunes Livehuman’s Concert Mix By Channeling Everything Through His DJ Mixer At The Amoeblog

While the digital DJing market is undeniably dominated by a handful of big brands – namely Native Instruments, Serato and Ableton – these companies’ applications aren’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of laptop DJing. The 2014 DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS held at London’s Forum in Kentish Town on October 5th saw Mr Switch, a three times World Supremacy Champion, and the man who stood on stage at the Royal Albert Hall performing with the 150 piece London Youth Orchestra beat hot favourite DJ I-Dee from the U.S.A. who has two major titles already this year, USA CHAMPION and DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPION.

Best of all, DJ Mixer 3 Professional has an intuitive interface, closely resembling a real-world mixing board, that makes it easy to set and save multiple loops and cue points in a track. I have made a quite wonderful DJ music by it. And the music is also very professional. If you need an easy to use and professional DJ Mixer software, then this software is your best choose! If you are planning to mix the tracks together, it helps to choose songs of the same genre or at least of similar BMP. PPL-licensed music suppliers are authorised to copy recorded music to provide their services.

He helped jump start the Northern scene in London, bringing in the crowds from Northern England, however the Northern scene, like any other music scene, soon faded. This so called junk music built the Deep Funk movement that he would go on to found. These legendary Deep Funk nights at Madame JoJo’s, a seedy strip club turned music venue in London, laid the foundation to a 20+ year scene that is still going strong. Vinyl records and the music pressed on to it had shown him how powerful it really was.

They were joined by his wife and current DJ collaborator Little Edith, who is a familiar face at his Rockabilly and r&b Lost and Found nights at Madame JoJo’s. He continues to DJ throughout the world, turning people on to unheard records, and keeping them dancing to the wee hours of the morning. It was the only way to have the music you liked; otherwise you had to trust a couple of pirate radio stations or mainstream radio. My laptop has crashed.” Lil Louie Vega’s computer crashed even before the gig started.

Nearly two decades ago in 1996, DJ-Kicks released a series of trading cards featuring photos and stats from some of the world’s top dance music DJs, including Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier & others. The idea of becoming a DJ can be an appealing one for many different reasons, and the idea is especially popular these days. Just in case you’ve yet to check it out, the guys have put together a special DJ mix that maps its many peaks and joins its many dots.

In general beat-mixing is only possible when the two songs are playing at the same speed. Therefore, one needs to bring the tempo of one of both songs to the tempo of the other song. Therefore, one only needs to try to follow the music and focus specially on one of the both songs. If the volume is good, switch off song A’s bass drum while you turn on songs B’s bass drum.

For the first time, Spotify Premium users are able to instantly mix millions of tracks on professional DJ hardware. Djay allows you to share your set lists as Spotify playlists via SMS, Email, Facebook, and Twitter, so the rest of the world can listen to the tracks instantly or recreate a great set. If the dance floor becomes less active, the DJ will make a judgement as to what track will increase dance floor activity.

Dj Lessons – Best Of Our Archives

Dj Lessons Archives

Our DJ lessons focus on the software that’s used by the top industry professionals, including Traktor, Serato DJ & Scratch Live, Ableton Live, and Mixed in Key.  We specialise in DJ and music production courses and helping to give students the tools and skills required to help them break into one of the fastest growing and exciting industries around. Here at DJ Courses Online, we provide in-depth and multifaceted digital video lessons to refine your DJing skills, all organized and edited by top professionals in the DJ industry and leading experts in the music education fields.

We strive to provide the most precise and specialized video lessons on the web.  We’re a DJ school that’s out to make learning the DJ art easier and more effective than ever. Our video lessons detail the ins and outs of everything from equipment setup and basic DJing techniques to running your own live performance.  We also collaborate with the most prolific instructors in the DJ industry to create accessible video content that covers everything a DJ student needs to advance his or her craft. Our library of video lessons accommodates students of all skillsets, teaching techniques specific to their experience level.  Master the essential DJ skills from the comfort of home, and practice at your own pace.

The three main skill tiers provide lessons that suit your specific needs and the techniques you want to learn.  Whether you’re a fresh new DJ or a long-time turntable veteran, we have specialized DJ lessons that will take your craft far beyond what you ever dreamed possible. Our extensive digital library of video lessons is compatible with most web-enabled devices including desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.  We’re so confident that you’ll love our DJ courses that we offer a 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Practice on your PC, then watch on your tablet to take your lessons with you on the go. Whether in the bedroom or on the road, you’re never without your own DJ instructor! Our goal is to design a DJ teaching tool that’s flexible enough for anyone to experience on their own time, but packs in all the teachings you need to enhance your turntable technique like never before.  With DJ Courses Online, you’ll find everything you need for an easy-to-manage teaching tool for DJs, custom-made to fit your schedule and skill level. After trying tons of different DJ training programs and of course trying to teach myself on YouTube, I’m loving the DJ Courses Online video library.

These videos follow a logical order and that was BIG for me. I needed a reliable DJ instructor that could guide me from start to finish so that I could get on my feet and book some real shows.  Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you an exclusive video on how to mix a great song using essential, easy-to-learn DJ techniques. Whether you dream of stardom, spinning at clubs, or just want to, y’know, scratch an itch, boundaries melt like vinyl during these private DJ lessons.  Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced lessons from either the DJ course or Music Production Course.

From learning the fundamentals as a beginner to lessons exploring anything from mixing and scratching to music production, these courses ensure that you leave in full command of the deck.  The DJ course is designed ( In association with our new Now Hit It) with a complete beginner in mind and so supports those with little to no knowledge of DJing, as well as those with some experience already.  Lessons are delivered through a series of online movies, which you have unrestricted access to 24/7, for as long as you need.  We have two music production studios, one 500 sq/ft class room with six work stations packed with today’s hottest DJ equipment.

DJ In 1 Minute” Tutorials

Virtual dj tutorial mixing songs pdf – This window tracks the waveform of each song loaded or playing on a deck. Mixing a new track in with a key that harmonically compliments the incumbent will sound good, whilst heavy pitching can make it impossible mix in a track with a significantly different BPM – this happens a lot when mixing between genres. By doing this, both inbound and outbound records will add and remove layers of sound simultaneously, which sounds nice and musical. The vast majority of dance music is written in 4/4, so the rule of 32 is very reliable when DJing. Your laptop speakers can only reproduce half of the record’s frequency range, and you wont hear any sound below about 200hz.

Spin Academy has a very wide array of lessons on DJ’ing producing music and lessons are constantly being added; therefore this list is constantly growing. If you want to be a DJ you are going to need to decide what style of music you want to play. Learning to DJ is not a fast process, therefore we highly recommend that you pick a style of music that you love. When learning to DJ it is highly recommended that you do not go out and buy the most expensive gear right away. Also DJ gear is expensive so you want to know you are really going to want to follow through with it before you blow 10 thousand dollars on a awesome new Pioneer setup. You could also get a cheap or used pair of Pioneer or Denon CDJ’s and a Numark mixer.

And then I’ve got my extra little tracks here samples and sound effects that I could put in. Take a look at their root note, adjust them to whatever root note of the track I might be playing any time in my mix. Depending on if you want to work with a DJ mixer or strictly the APC40, this setup can be built from scratch in 10-15 minutes and saved as a template. This is a fairly generalized guide which is meant to direct you down the path to being a happy and successful DJ. Okay, so you probably already know what a DJ is. But, I have a mild obsession with completeness, so please humor me for a moment.

This is a great tip for when you find yourself playing longer DJ sets and you need to relieve yourself halfway through. If the previous DJ has left it on +8 you will have a tough time bringing the tempo back down to a sensible level without looking like a nob. DJ-unfriendly tracks are a bitch to mix midway through your set so if you can play it as your first tune then no mixing is required. Once they sync up, learn how to use different controllers and devices together in Serato DJ.

Just make sure you can quickly look at a track and know what key it is so you can quickly make professional sounding mixes wherever you are. Many professional DJs actually save this image as the background on their laptop so they can quickly minimize the DJ software for reference while playing. If you are using Virtual DJ, your songs will already be tagged with one of the musical keys on the Camelot Wheel.

This is a FREE version of DJ Mixer that allows you try out all the features with few of your tracks and tracks from the cloud. I’m using a brand New 64G iPad, when music is loaded and I’m setting cue point, after several attempts the player becomes unstable and the song inexplicably starts to skip. I got this app because I thought it would satisfy my desire to play around with my music and D-jaying.. Added some purchased features to help me along. When deciding what processing to apply to a DJ mix, you only have to remember one thing: all of these tunes have already been mastered.

For example, if I am Djing after a Garage DJ, I might kick off my set with something by Martin Solveig which is quite breaky, or I might play a funky house remix of a well known Garage tune This helps to keep the crowd on your side when you step up and also makes the transition between DJs a smooth one. Its no good playing some piano led Jamie Wamie track before mixing it straight into a bit of Prodigy It just does not work.

All the major DJ software packages, and even the latest CDJ from Pioneer has built-in sync” functionality. The purpose of beatmatching is to get the two tracks you’re mixing to play at the same tempo (the speed at which the song is playing) and phase (the beats from both tracks playing in-time with each other). It also helps develop and tune your ears so that you know what to listen for (when tracks drift out of time, phase, etc.) Even when I’m using DJ software and allowing it to sync my tracks, I use my ears to adjust the phase appropriately… since I know how it sounds from beatmatching.

Virtual DJ Tutorials

Virtual DJ is a full-fledged application can be used to produce industry standard DJ audio tracks. Today we’ll focus on introducing you to Traktor’s Remix Decks and Remix Sets, explaining the fundamentals and giving you a high-level view of what’s creatively possible with them. The succeeding articles and videos will give you a solid foundation on how to use the Remix Decks as a tool for live performance and improvisation, and more importantly, will attempt to show you why you should be using them to take your DJ set to the next level. An empty Remix Deck looks like a grid that contains four rows and four columns, giving you 16 empty cells. Do note that a single Remix Deck houses up to four pages of this grid, effectively giving you 64 cells total. You can use the Traktor Kontrol F1 alongside any DJ controller you already own.

Mixing a new track in with a key that harmonically compliments the incumbent will sound good, whilst heavy pitching can make it impossible mix in a track with a significantly different BPM – this happens a lot when mixing between genres. By doing this, both inbound and outbound records will add and remove layers of sound simultaneously, which sounds nice and musical. The vast majority of dance music is written in 4/4, so the rule of 32 is very reliable when DJing. Your laptop speakers can only reproduce half of the record’s frequency range, and you wont hear any sound below about 200hz.

To ensure you get the best out of your software you should also be able to edit loops, have a good sampler, and be able to sync with your DJ mixer, turntables or CD’s. There are several FREE DJ mixing software available online, but they’ve really limited features, and that’s why they’re free. Paid DJ music software (or any other software) always easier to use and helps you to create things faster, compared to the free ones.

Keep up to date with all of Point Blank’s news, tutorials and giveaways by subscribing to our Youtube channel , or following us on Facebook and Twitter … and if you have something to say about this post, start the conversation with a comment below. Back once more to show you some cool little tricks with Ableton Live 8. And sounds and samples and loops from Tonight I’m putting together a little DJ mix. I’m 17 too and spire to be a DJ at least as a part time job one day, so I’m with you haha.

If you want to develop any level of skill, you’ll need to work at it. Counting to 4 may be an integral part of DJing, but reading crowds and knowing what music surprisingly goes great with what music is a skill that has to be honed. Usually, these DJs play nightclubs who have specific genre standards or they have an established following based on a certain type of music.


A song in the pregap of track 1 on a CD, i.e. is located before the first track (a so-called pregap track). What makes the importance of knowing a musical key so much greater today then in the good ole vinyl days is actually the key lock feature. After all, when you move the pitch fader on a turntable not only the BPM, but also the key changes. I think if you are just starting in this business now, key mixing is a great tool that can severely shortcut your path to having harmonically correct” gigs. Some harmonically matching tracks sound ridiculous together, while some tracks that are hugely different in key can have a great effect on your set. Adjust the recording level using the gain control to ensure that your songs aren’t clipping.

They were all done with ‘key mixing’ using the Camelot Wheel (it was my laptop wallpaper for easy reference). Since I come from a musical background (Jazz Sax), it really hurts my ears when I hear DJ mixing tracks in the wrong” key. One or more songs that follow another song on the same track, usually after a longer period of silence, but are not listed on the sleeve.

I’ve only used the app on my iPhone so far, but if you use it on the iPad, it acts more like a full DJ tool, which could compete with things like Djay 2 There are also notifications that you can enable (that are shown on Apple Watch) that let you know when a playlist is about to end so you can pick a new one or have the app choose for you. It is not because you are playing music, that other music is bad, also don’t insult somebody if he doesn’t like what you like. It is also a very good idea to accurately measure the tempo of all your songs (that is up to 1/100 of a BPM).

Since first winning the title back in 2008 DJ Switch has performed on stage supporting the likes of Magnetic Man, Nero, Professor Green and Public Enemy (just to name a few) and is the first ‘ever’ DJ to perform with the National youth orchestra on stage at the Royal Albert Hall plus he’s even appeared on Blue Peter! Enrolling for any DJ Academy course or personal one-on-one coaching session couldn’t be easier. Start preparing your mix now and convince the SUNANDBASS DJ competition panel with your selection!

There is no requirement, however, that the entire mix of each source be used; a common mash-up technique is to use the vocals from one song mixed with the music of another. A medley consists of several different songs that have been rearranged into one continuous work using the original sheet music or score, and involves a completely new performance to record it. The existing published versions of the song are not used.